10,000 hours of practice makes perfect

This series of photos was taken with my iPhone walking on Pacific Avenue one day and I think they make a great analogy for the entrepreneurship experience. While we all may look at a garden view indifferently, entrepreneurs suddenly realize that a certain aspect has far greater potential than a passerby would realize, yet it takes time, skill and effort to help others see its full-fledged beauty.

One of the common rookie mistakes is to not talk about one’s idea for fear of it being stolen. Any experienced entrepreneur or investor would tell you that ideas abound, but what matters is execution, the ability to attract and keep users and figure out payment model that works.

Discussing one’s idea with anyone who would listen has been in my experience the most effective path to success. We recently won some accolades in competitions, including 3rd place among 146 top high-tech companies at the New Ventures BC 2012 competition. Pitching them successfully worked because I had described our concept to well over 2,000 people in the last year. From friends to fight attendants to people with kids standing in line with me at the grocery store to audiences at meetups and conferences. Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice seems a propos because again and again, my own way of describing got better with the practice of “pitching” our concept and with the reactions and suggestions (and encouragement!) received.

Our ability to clearly see and describe our concept is the first step of launching a successful company. This blog is where we will be sharing our insights gained while building myBestHelper into a 4G company: GOOD, as we solve the real issue families have finding the right caregiver, GREAT in how we do it, GLOBAL in our presence and GIVING back to our communities and other entrepreneurs.



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