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Great examples: Slideshare from Dropbox explains what led to their success




Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation, http://www.liquidagency.com.

One of the most useful things a startup can do is learn from others – both from their successes as well as their troubles. It’s also one of the most encouraging things to do, as learning happens from both cases and it helps normalise the experience one is going through.

Love these slides from Dropbox: “Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned“. They outline their struggles of finding the path to virality and their epiphany, that they needed a solution that fit their needs, and not just to follow “best practices”. 

The Coles’ Notes of the Dropbox experience: 

1. They resisted distractions and focused on making a simple and elegant product that “just works” and made their users happy (interestingly this follows a formula devised by Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation, Liquid Agency: Trust = Reliability + Delight – see his excellent presentation Brand Gap on SlideShare).

2. Realised that they had a “new market” problem – i.e. while the solution to the problem was stellar, no one was actively searching for it (typical user statement was “wow, this is amazing, I didn’t realized I need it”) 

3.  Applied thinking from Steve Blank and Sean Ellis with the help of analytics to identify the right user acquisition strategy and executed well.

 Lots more interesting points, but to get those, go view the slidedeck!

Alexandra T. Greenhill, Co-founder and CEO, myBestHelper